Vegware white lid

PLA Hot Cup Lid White

Multi award-winning hot cup lids made from CPLA – high heat plant-based PLA – 62% less carbon than plastic. Plus kraft sleeves, wooden stirrers, carry trays and Fairtrade sugar wrapped in the first plastic-free wrap.

Item ID


Item Description

62mm CPLA hot cup lid (fits 4oz cup) – VLID62-A1
72mm CPLA hot cup lid (fits 6oz cup) – VLID72-A1
79mm CPLA hot cup lid (fits 8oz cup) – VLID79S
89mm CPLA hot cup lid (fits 10 – 20oz cup) – VLID89S


VLID62-A1 – 1 x 2000 Pcs
VLID72-A1 – 1 x 1000 Pcs
VLID79S – 1 x 1000 Pcs
VLID89S – 1 x 1000 Pcs